My Influencer Journey so far…

I have had a lot of people ask me about becoming an influencer, how, why and what I gain from it. So, rather than reply to all the messages and DMs, I decided to write a simple post with all the information I think you should know. From tips and tricks to what not to do, grab the inside scoop of a newcomer to influencing.  

How & why, I got into influencing

For a few years, I have been toying with the idea of becoming an influencer on Instagram, however at the time it was a lot of work and with very little help and support for me. Whereas, these days there are programmes and businesses that can help you. But before I discuss that, why did I want to be an influencer exactly?

Well, originally I wanted it to be able to work with my fave brands and help others follow their dreams in doing so. Whereas, now I have a niche to stand out compared to some others. I am a solo parent, who is also a full time student, and a new blogger. This allows me to stand out to brands, but also find people in similar situations to me and show them that they can really do what they want if they put the effort in. From growing my account and influence, I can support people who may have had some of the bad or negative feelings and thoughts, when times got hard / too much.

So, as mentioned above, I have people who support me now. Halfway through June this year, I joined a influencer programme through Instagram (@georgiaportogallolimited). By joining and purchasing their influencer online programme, I have gained valuable information, tips and support. Alongside this, I have also joined another programme (@hotshotinfluencing), on the 17th of this month. Again, their online programme has given me valuable tips and information, btu also different ways to get support and to stand out. Both programmes are supportive and helpful, Georgia’s helps me form emails and DMs and always gives me confidence to push further. Whereas, Hotshot constantly supports my posts on Instagram, gives me feedback on my content and again gives me the confidence I need.

What I’ve learnt so far

So far, I have learnt how to for my profile in to a professional and eyecatching way. This is very important when trying to collab with brands, as your profile shows the type of creator you are. By looking at your profile, many brands will instantly know if you fit their wants and needs. This has also helped me identify my look and organise my content in an easy and smart way. I have learnt how to interact with followers in a good way, making sure that we create a relationship and support and engage with each other.

When it comes to gain groups, I have a mixed opinion. I am in a few and my engagement has gone up, however it can sometimes go down. So, you would really have to decide if its something you want to be a part of and put the effort in. A gain group is where you connect with others and help engage with each other’s content.  I have found that if I reach out to brands a couple of times through weeks, either by DMs or email, then this will give me a better chance of getting collabs with the brands I love and want to work with. I don’t just message random brands, I try to only message those I am interested in or would fit my profile. Otherwise, they may think you’re just looking for free stuff. This isn’t what influencing is mainly about. Don’t get me wrong, gifted collabs are great but not the most important factor of influencing.

My top 5 tips and tricks

  1. Join a programme, this way you know you will be supported and have the right information to get you on track.
  2. Do not be disappointed if your following goes up slowly, or down a little. You need to be patient, I have managed to go from between 500-600 to over 1,150. That is in over a month, I have seen others get a faster following, but like I said, Be PATIENT.
  3. Make sure you figure out why you want to become an influencer and find your brand/look/personality of your profile.
  4. Be honest, engage with your followers if you expect the same from them.
  5. Be consistent with your content, even if you can’t post on the main part. Stories are KEY!

If you have an more questions, do not hesitate to comment here or DM me on Instagram.



Surviving my second year of University

This past year has been a strange one, switching in and out of lockdowns and not knowing who to listen to. However, to my fellow students; this has been a difficult and often depressing year. Unable to go in to university and having to have daily online lectures, blank screens most of the time. How were we meant to stay motivated and positive?

For first year students, this is not the experience you expected and not what you deserved. I don’t know about others, but my first year was one of the best years of my life and I am so lucky I got to experience it in all its glory. Many mistakes and regrets included. However, I feel that year moulded me in to the student I am today.

Whereas for the final year students, a lot of you, if not all were robbed. Whether it was last or this summer. Many without graduations, proper experiences or final goodbyes. I am so sorry.

If you’re a second year like me, this year you’ve probably been a bit confused, overwhelmed and overall deflated. How they expect us from going in to uni, to then doing it all at home and then for our final year, back to being in uni. Especially on the hardest year. Don’t get me wrong, the support that lecturers have given had been super, but at times there were also many difficulties.

I came back to uni last September after a year out, expecting to eventually fit in to the transfer uni. Unfortunately, that did not happen how I would have liked. Instead I had to attend online classes knowing no one, trying to get past my nerves and speak up in class. Eventually, I did but it took a while.

Starting out, I knew absolutely no one and I felt very scared and alone. Watching everyone get in to their favourite groups, while I was last and had to be placed with whoever. For the most part, everyone was lovely and I eventually made some friends. Two very lovely girls, Rebekah and Mercedes. These two happened to be my rocks throughout the year and I didn’t survive it without them. We had many ups and downs, mainly with group work. Ha. (Here’s a special shout out to a particular lecturer who really made me feel comfortable and helped me the whole way. So thank you Neil).

A few times, I debated quitting. It got too much around the Christmas period. Slightly earlier that year, my family had a loss of three important people, my Nan and two uncles. In a very short time, it was very traumatic for the family. On top of this, we lost a. Very special lady to us, and to Henry. All together, 4 people. Which ended up in me taking two to three weeks off from uni. Thinking I’d be ok to go back, it was hard catching up and I still don’t think I really did. I had my son to prioritise, I had to be there for family members, I still haven’t grieved properly, but my time to do that will come eventually. After this, I lost a lot of motivation for studying and I really struggled to get it back. I did, and I’m so glad.

I battled my way through a very difficult year, fighting and telling myself why I started this course and that how I want to do Henry proud, but how I want to prove all those who doubted me. Prove them WRONG! Looking back, there are things I could have done better, such as organise my time more, take time out for myself and these are things I will apply going in to third year. Overall, I am very happy to have finished second year with a 2.1 when I didn’t think I’d even get it.

Don’t ever give up, keep pushing and remind yourself why you’re doing whatever you choose. As long as you love it and have passion, know where you want to go and believe in yourself, you can do it. However, until then, know that I BELIEVE IN YOU!



Who am I?

I have spent all week trying to introduce myself in a quirky way, and not to just list things about me. That being said, it is hard to introduce yourself without doing this. The best way I thought of, was to have people ask me questions that I can answer for you. However, that still leaves the important information about me and my life. So here is an official apology, as part of this post will seem like listen information. Moving on, how about we just get into it, so you know when you’re reading these posts, who is actually writing them.

It may be obvious from the blog name, but I am known as Amy and identify as she/her. I’m a fun, outgoing lass, who’s up for doing most things. Saying that, I can be shy and reserved around new people and when giving presentations etc. AHH HATE PRESENTING!! Which isn’t good, considering I’m going in to my third year at Uni studying Event Management.

For a bit of background on my uni life, I started studying at Leeds Beckett, that year was one of the best, a blast. I made some amazing friends and fantastic memories. Saying that, things changed when me and my ex found that I fell pregnant, as I was heading in to the third trimester. MY WORLD HAD STOPPED. Without going into personal details, the hardest decision I ever made was whether or not to keep the baby. After a lot of advice and support, I kept him. I know have a best pal, turning 2 soon and his name is Henry. Unfortunately, his dad is not involved in his life, however that hasn’t changed a thing about Henry’s upbringing, I’ve given him the world and will continue to, because he is the most important thing to me. Bringing it to today, I took a year out from uni and was lucky enough to transfer to Cardiff Met, straight in to the second year.

I feel like I have already talked to much about myself. So, instead of going on, I have chosen 10 questions to answer for you. Get ready, some of these are gripping…

1. If you could make an eyeshadow palette with your favourite colours, what would they be?

Such a fun question! Most people who know me, will probably know the shades. But I definitely think it’ll include some purples, yellows, golds, pinks (not baby pink or hot pink), along with a few blue tones and some naturals for Autumn. Orange, browns, creams etc.

2. What is your proudest accomplishment?

Well, aside from Henry, it would be how I have carried on with university, through everything. I am proving everyone wrong, who said my life was over or I couldn’t do it with henry. Other than that, it would be achieving the Business Award for college, I went through a few things throughout, but still pulled through and worked my butt off. YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING IF YOU REALLY WANT IT!

3. You seem like you’re really popular, how many friends do you have?

Firstly, thank you but I’m not, never was. I have friends dotted around the place. My oldest and one of my best friends, we have been friends for over 15 years, and she is one of the unofficial godmothers to my son. It’s been a long ride, but worth it.  Following, is my other best friend/ unofficial godmother (she knows this is about her as she’s reading this). We have a crazy wild friendship. We made it through college together, and finally ended up in the same uni, only for her to graduate! I am extremely proud of her. Following on, I have some good uni friends from both of my uni’s and I also have my mum friends. Three special ladies who will always mean the world to me.

4. Do you have a type?

That’s a funny thing, if you think about it. A lot of people say they do yet go for or end up with the complete opposite. BIZZARE! Don’t get me wrong, I am attracted to various guys (celebrities). But when it comes to types, there’s a few things on my checklist but I’m pretty chill as long as we have a connection. Trust and honesty are huge for me, this needs to be in the foundation or what’s the point? Along with that, I like someone who can dress well, suits and shirts etc. although, I’m not saying all the time, I like the look of a jogger and thin jumper here and there. Lastly, this is probably obvious, but they must accept Henry.

5. What celebrity would you most likely want to meet at Starbucks?

STEVE MCFADDEN!!! AKA Phil Mitchell. I am completely obsessed with the man; he is just a godsend.

6. If you could invent a new dish, what would it include?

New dish? Sod that, I’m creating a three-course meal for you lovelies. Ok:

Starter – garlic is a must, maybe some onion. I have it – onion bhajis, with a garlic dip and salsa.

Main – I love cheese, it’s just amazing. I like chicken too. I’m thinking a chicken breast smothered in herbs and garlic butter, cut up and putting to a feta pasta and then Leicester fondue over the top! Wow, I’m hungry.

Dessert – keep it simple. Vanilla cheesecake, drizzled with slated caramel sauce and a side of coconut flakes.

I’ll let you know when I open a restaurant!

7. What is your real favourite movie?

I don’t really get this question; I am always honest about this. It is the Holiday. Always has been, a close second and my childhood fave would be Matilda and then after that would be Legend.

8. If you could pick a TV show to be your life, what would it be?

This is hard, I have so many, I think my top three options would be Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries and Ugly Betty. I just love these, and they are my comforts.

9. Ok, so I had to throw this in because I just find it funny. – Are you a virgin?

Firstly, of course I am. Who’s henry any way. Secondly, that is a very private thing to ask someone, you shouldn’t do it again.

10. Where do you stand on first dates and who pays?

This is another good question. When on a first date, it seems as if many feel the man should pay. Not me. Go halves, why would you expect someone who may be a stranger, pay for you. If you’re in a relationship, things may be different. Not on a first date though.

So, there you go. Now you have an idea of who you are connecting with. I am sorry if this seems too long to you, I tried to keep it as short as possible. Anyhow, if you have any more questions, no matter how big or small, comment them below. If I feel comfortable to, I will answer them for you.

Thank you, big love…


CONTENT HUB: Wales first pop up immersive experience

What exactly is the Content Hub?

The Content Hub is a small magical place that transports you into different aesthetics and vibes, helping you capture the perfect instagrammable picture or selfie. I know what you are all thinking, what exactly can one gain from spending an hour taking selfies and photos? Well, not only does it give you a confidence boost, but it also allows you to use them for socials if you’re an influencer, or for professional portfolios or even just for fun. As a slowly growing influencer myself, this allowed me to get the content I needed, without worrying about travel.

Where can I find it?

The hub is easy to find once you reach Cardiff. Find them upstairs at Dewi Sant St David’s shopping centre, next to the Apple Shop. Alongside the groovy location, the entry price is just right. Ranging from £9.99 (under 10s) – £12.50 for a one-hour entry slot, to £425 for the venue hire. There is also an option to add a professional photographer for your shoot at only £50. AMAZING prices!!

My experience

Once I arrived, along with my friend Holly the entry was pretty simple: hand gel, say my name, apologise for traffic keeping us late and then we had the whole space for an hour. What was nice, was the staff would stay at front, close enough if we needed them but also not too close to let us get embarrassed or shy during our visit. Making it easier for us to enjoy and be silly, while also getting the best shots we could. Furthermore, there was a small changing area for outfit changes, however due to COVID it was shut.

During our visit, we were not rushed or made to feel uncomfortable. The whole vibe was chilled, allowing us to let go and be free. We moved in a complete mess, there was not really structure on our end, going back and forth to the range of aesthetical areas. Although, Holly and I did not use all the areas, each one would have made for the perfect shot.

Not only are there positive quotes, but a giant pearl ball pit, a telephone booth, a Barbie Doll box, a disco area, and a moon. But my favourite, was the floral piano area, where you could even play it yourself. Not that I am any good. The pearl pit was super fun, however we kept getting weighed down and stuck. Making for some funny blooper photos. I personally, found along with these two areas, the moon, and the disco area very pleasing to myself. These were the areas I felt most comfortable, and I feel that shows in the photos. Overall, the experience was fun, safe, helpful in the sense of getting content and a solid 8/10 for me personally.

5 Reasons you should visit the Content Hub as a growing influencer:

  1. You can grab some wonderful content, very similar to a high-end photoshoot but for a fraction of the price.
  2. It is a great talking point when reaching out to brands or other influencers.
  3. By using the themes provided, you can get quality and professional photos. Helping attract brands or individuals to your feed.
  4. You get to have some fun. I find with a lot of influencers I know; they tend to be very focussed on getting the perfect shot. Here, you can capture the candid and natural photos and still look amazing!

Thank you for reading my first blog post review and I hope I captured in some sense, what the Content Hub is about. I believe they are only in Cardiff till 30th of August, so before you regret it, book those tickets, and enjoy!!




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